Thursday, 20 September 2018

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: The Wormwood Trilogy 1: Rosewater - Tade Thompson

RELEASE DATE:  20/09/18


Rosewater is a town on the edge. A community formed around the edges of a mysterious alien biodome, its residents comprise the hopeful, the hungry and the helpless - people eager for a glimpse inside the dome or a taste of its rumoured healing powers.
Kaaro is a government agent with a criminal past. He has seen inside the biodome, and doesn't care to again - but when something begins killing off others like himself, Kaaro must defy his masters to search for an answer, facing his dark history and coming to a realisation about a horrifying future.

I love books that take convention and add some new pieces ot the puzzle and to be honest I've been enjoying Afrofuturism for quite some time (N K Jemisin and Nnedi Okorafor) and this novel is no exception.

Taking place in Nigeria in 2066, the book brings the land to life for me in my imagination, the cultures within, the supporting cast and perhaps best of all a lead character that I wanted to spend time around as he weaves his way through double dealing and danger to get to the truth.

its well written, the prose is wonderful and when added to solid storytelling alongside dialogue that helps you get closer to the characters all round gives you something  a little special.  Back this up with some clever twists and turns alongside foibles for the cast all round makes this futuristic outlook a must read for all genre fans.  A great book and one that I'm pleased to have had recommended.

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