Tuesday, 17 September 2019

SPIRITUAL REVIEW: The Illustrated Besiary - Maia Toll

Release Date: 17/09/19
Publisher: Storey Publication

SYNOPSIS: From spirit animals to totems, people across cultures and through the centuries have felt a spiritual and symbolic connection to animals. In this follow-up to her best-selling book The Illustrated Herbiary, author, herbalist, and spiritual wellness guide Maia Toll explores that magical, mystical relationship and the power of animal energy to help illuminate personal habits, guide intentions, and inform actions. Following profiles that highlight each animal's most meaningful trait, Toll provides rituals and reflections that guide readers in cultivating that animal's energy in their own lives. Does the spotted skunk's ability to ward off enemies many times her size shed light on how to handle our own conflicts? Can katydid's five eyes lend a clarity of vision when we need to see the bigger picture? Thirty-six oracle cards featuring art from the book by illustrator Kate O'Hara help shape readers' meditations. From the humble house mouse to the magnificent elephant, this beautifully illustrated guide to animal spirits provides deep insights and new ways of connecting with the creatures that walk, crawl, slither, swim, and fly.  

A different take on the spiritual animal front and one that gives you exercises to help you analyze your life through animal aspects to figure out solutions as well as getting you to question yourself on a level you may never have done before. Accompanied with beautifully illustrated cards, each aspect brings something to the fore that is delightfully fresh and whilst its written from a questioning point of view, the book is friendly easy to dip into and for me, with the exercises allowed me to get a deeper understanding of various area's of my own life as well as choices I've made. 

 Its introspective, allows for your own journey and with the ability to utilize the cards as a means to get answers for problems that you're going through, makes this a title that adds something new and different to your conscious thoughts.

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