Thursday, 24 May 2018


RELEASE DATE:  24/05/18

From one of the most original new voices in modern fiction comes a startling vision of a world where you can get away with anything . . .

Theo Miller knows the value of human life - to the very last penny.
Working in the Criminal Audit Office, he assesses each crime that crosses his desk and makes sure the correct debt to society is paid in full.
But when his ex-lover is killed, it's different. This is one death he can't let become merely an entry on a balance sheet.
Because when the richest in the world are getting away with murder, sometimes the numbers just don't add up.
From the award-winning Claire North comes an electrifying and provocative new novel which will resonate with readers around the world.

I've enjoyed some of Claire's books in the past but for me, she has come across at times as a marmite author, you'll either love the title or you'll hate it.  There really is no middle ground.  For me, this title from Claire, whilst interesting was a tale that I had a hell of a time getting into, I wasn't enamoured of the writing style in this case, I felt it was a little to disjointed for me and when I had a hell of a time getting to grips with the principle character I felt that it lost me as a reader.

I'm not saying that its bad, just that I wasn't a fan, there will be those that will love it to pieces.  For me, what this book could have been was more of a Sci-Fi version of Falling Down but due to lack of character empathy and the prose being not to my taste, it just wasn't for me.

All round, Claire is a prolific author and for me, my firm favourite to date is The End of the Day.

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