Saturday, 23 June 2018

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: Wild Cards: Low Chicago - George RR Martin

RELEASE DATE:  12/06/18
PUBLISHER:  HarperVoyager, Tor/Forge

The return of the famous shared-world superhero books created and edited by George R.R. Martin, author of A Song of Ice and Fire
For decades, George R.R. Martin – bestselling author of A Song of Ice and Fire – has collaborated with an ever-shifting ensemble of science fiction and fantasy icons to create the amazing Wild Cards universe.
In the aftermath of World War II, the Earth’s population was devastated by a terrifying alien virus. Those who survived were changed for ever. Some, known as Jokers, were cursed with bizarre mental and physical deformities; others, granted superhuman abilities, are known as Aces.
Wild Cards tells the stories of this world.

A new Wild Card multi author story broken into easy to manage chapters so that you can read it during your lunch breaks or even whilst travelling.  Its definitely something quirky and when you get to see so many what if's within an overall arc, it really makes you wonder what would have happened within our own history if some of the events had been changed.

Its a book to dive into if you want something different, want a change from what you normally read and to be honest is a title you can dive into without having read any other wild card stories.  Its fun, the prose is solid and whilst it is a multi author story, it doesn't feel that its been broken down by so many people having a more connected feel.  All round a cracking story and one that I had a hell of a lot of fun with.

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