Tuesday, 8 October 2019

SPIRITUAL REVIEW: The Ancient Magick of Trees - Greogry Michael Brewer

Release Date: 08/10/19
Publisher:   Llewellyn Publications

SYNOPSIS: Part field guide and part magical resource, this unique book helps you not only identify more than one hundred common trees across North America and Europe but also discover their medicinal and magickal properties. Author Gregory Brewer provides detailed information about the mythology and symbolism of trees from around the world along with an abundance of exercises and meditations suitable for Pagans of all skill levels and traditions. Highly organized and easy to use, The Ancient Magick of Trees is the only book you'll need while studying trees. Whether you're seeking the scientific characteristics of a particular species or the folk traditions and remedies associated with it, this comprehensive guide is a must-have for those who want to grow their magical practice and enhance their understanding of our unique relationship with trees.

Whilst we all know that tree's effect our every day life as well as can alter our moods, we very rarely look deeper than that often choosing to destroy rather than nurture believing that we're the pinnacle of intelligence. 

Within this title, the reader if given thoughts to question our understanding of the natural world as well as clear thoughts about how through various texts the ancients revered and understood the importance of the natural world around us. Add to this a well written break down of the various trees and their medicinal as well as magical properties and for me, its a book that is well written, has you asking questions and for me is something that is not only though provoking but a chance to get to know the natural world a lot better. Great stuff.

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