Wednesday, 9 October 2019

SPIRITUAL REVIEW - Pathworking the Tarot: Spiritual Guidance & Practical Advice from the Cards - Leeza Robertson

Release Date: 08/10/19
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications

SYNOPSIS: Deepen your connection to the tarot cards with this book's amazing approach to pathworking. Just as using a tarot deck is a journey through a story, so is pathworking a journey of meditating. As you pathwork through the cards, you'll learn how to meditate on what is discovered in your readings. Pathworking the Tarot introduces you to three pathworking styles: intentional (intentionally selecting cards based on theme), intuitive (letting the cards guide you), and wandering (combining a little of both the intentional and intuitive styles).

Using straightforward techniques and hands-on exercises, author Leeza Robertson guides you through each of the 78 cards and the story it tells. This remarkable book inspires you to go further, deeper, and wider with your tarot knowledge and to expand your spiritual being through your experiences with your deck.

REVIEW: Having recently read one book on tarot, my interest has only increased and my thirst for knowledge needs sating, so when I had the chance to read and work my way through exercises explaining how to connect a personal relationship with the cards I couldn't wait to expand my understanding.

The book is well written, takes the reader on a journey that helps you understand the cards more regardless of which set you use and above all else helps you find ways to use them in your reading that will allow you to make connections and remember them without having to keep refering to individual pieces of paper.

Yes theres' a lot within this book and you will end up rereading multiple cards a number of times to help you get the meanings contained within but with this guide it allows you to easily take it at your own pace to help commit to memory. For me its a book I will reread a good few times and I do feel its a title that will give a lot to anyone who reads it.

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