Saturday, 9 November 2019

FACTUAL GHOST STORIES: Haunted Rails - Matthew L Swayne

Release Date: 25/10/19
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications

SYNOPSIS: First you hear the mournful wail of the ghost train s horn. Then you hear the throaty diesel engines roar and the heavy wheels clatter and groan on the steel tracks. You see the bright searchlight cut the inky dark And, moments later, it s gone. Vanished in thin air. Haunted Rails is filled with stories of ghost trains, haunted locomotives, and spectral cabooses. Within these pages, you ll read the riveting stories of fatal crashes and the ghosts that linger in old railroad stations and museums. You ll discover engineers, conductors, and brakemen who perished on the job but have yet to cross over into the light. This book includes dozens of true ghost stories that take place on famous rail lines and in out-of-the-way locations that will delight even the most fervent railroad fan.

REVIEW: As a fan of a sitting by a campfire and listening to ghost stories I love spending time hearing stories that whilst old are brand new to me. This book takes you on the rails of america to hear a whole host of stories from ghostly signalmen to haunted cabooses. From female apparitions to eerie rail stations. Its a title full of short stories, that brings them to the fore, well written, to the point and with research from those who have investigated the claims themselves where possible.
All round a fun read and one that I was more than happy to spend time with, especially when you add good storytelling blended with research to help back up the story. Great fun.

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