Sunday, 10 November 2019

SPIRITUAL REVIEW: The Way of Fire and Ice - Ryan Smith

Release Date: 01/11/19
Publisher:  Llewellyn Publications

SYNOPSIS: The Way of Fire and Ice reimagines and grounds Norse Paganism in today s world, providing practical information on crafting ritual, developing personal mystical practices, and building sustainable community. Instead of being a guide to the reconstruction of ancient Norse religion, this material helps you participate in a radical modern revival that integrates Norse deities and beliefs with elements of Neopagan practice. Author Ryan Smith shares steps you can take to begin relationships with the gods, ancestors, and spirits of place. You will also find fascinating perspectives on Norse cosmology, the runes, the nine worlds, and much more. Whether you want to improve your spiritual connection in the routine matters of daily life or want to work with bigger questions of purpose and meaning, the ideas presented here will serve you well on your journey.  

REVIEW: I've spent a lot of time reading through the mythologies and theologies of various societies and each one has fascinated me with the way that they've gone on to explain how things occurred, how they've effected the mindset of the various peoples and also demonstrated through the stories how things were met and overcome. 

For me, Norse mythology is perhaps the most human of those that I've read with even the gods making human errors and having to face their fates when the time of ragnorak comes. This book takes you through the various aspects of the norse religion addressing various offshoots and even facing its own dark rising from the far right stealing and manipulating the stories for their own use. 

The book deals with that, explains the errors and also goes on to show you how their own teaching give them various means to explore the human experience, showing you ways to utlise the runes both for divination as well as magic and how your own fate is yours to control through strength and courage rather than letting it be manipulated. Its a solid read, it doesn't take prisoners and I find it refreshing how it deals with all aspects revealing the darker things that can happen alongside how to walk your own path. 

All round its utterly refreshing and for me a title I had a hell of a time putting down.

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