Wednesday, 6 November 2019

SPIRITUAL BOOK REVIEW: Pagan Portals: Fairy Queens - Morgan Daimler

Release Date: 29/09/19
Publisher: Moon Books

SYNOPSIS: Mysterious and intriguing, the Queens of Fairy have been intertwined with mortal lives and imaginations for as long as we have had myth and folklore. Goddesses to some, fictional characters to others, these powerful Queens are bound up in the history of witchcraft and still have a role to play today. This book takes a look at who the Fairy Queens are, explores some of their individual stories, and considers how we can still connect to them and honor them in the world today.
REVIEW: Another interesting read in regard to magic from other sources, and whether its dragons, unicorns or fae, I suspect its along the same lines as the various pantheons however on a different plane, which depending upon your own personality and beliefs makes your selected one easier to visit.

Its well written, brings in folklore as well as allowing the reader to learn as well as adapt to learning the various mysteries on their own level at their own pace without having the reader feel rushed. Its easy to follow, is a fascinating read and above all else allows you to through a personable authorly voice to help identify what you feel will work for you.

Each person will get something different out of this title and whether you're a novice or an established adept, there is new information to help you carry on your own personal journey. Well phrased, easy to dip into and definitely an author I'll read more titles from.

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