Thursday, 7 November 2019

SPIRITUAL REVIEW: Honoring the Ancestors - Mallorie Vaudoise

Release Date: 24/10/19
Publisher: Llewellyn Publishing

SYNOPSIS: Ancestor veneration is one of the most widespread spiritual practices in the world. This book shares techniques to help you connect to your ancestors and receive the benefits that come from veneration more love in your life, better outcomes in creative pursuits, and an improved sense of wellness. Discover how genealogical research, family recipes, gentle rituals, and even practices like music and dancing can help open a wonderful new dimension of your spiritual journey. Honoring Your Ancestors shares the important distinctions between working with blood ancestors, lineage ancestors, and affinity ancestors. You will also explore the topic of ancestral trauma so you can be sure to develop a veneration practice that s uplifting and affirming for you.

REVIEW: Mysticism is on the increase over more recent years and whilst for a great many of us, some parts are strange and almost alien, its when you sit down and do your research that you can find a great many truths that add not only a sense of belonging but a sense of knowing those who have come before.

Within this title are ways for you to connect to your past blending mental exercises with psychological aspects alongside reasoning from other cultures who practice ancestral worship to help bring the points across to create an almost universal understanding so that we feel their connections down through the ages. It gives you a sense of belonging, an ideology of understanding those who have gone before but perhaps best of all ways to understand yourself better.

All round a fascinating read and one that I will take lessons from for quite some time to come.

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