Wednesday, 16 May 2018

FANTASY REVIEW: Kingdom of Grit 1: The Thousand Deaths of Ardor Benn - Tyler Whitesides

RELEASE DATE:  15/05/18

Ardor Benn is no ordinary thief - a master of wildly complex heists, he styles himself a Ruse Artist Extraordinaire.
When a mysterious priest hires him for the most daring ruse yet, Ardor knows he'll need more than quick wit and sleight of hand. Assembling a dream team of forgers, disguisers, schemers and thieves, he sets out to steal from the most powerful king the realm has ever known.
But it soon becomes clear there's more at stake than fame and glory - Ard and his team might just be the last hope for human civilisation.

To be honest I was really looking forward to this title, I loved the synopsis and couldn't wait to see how the whole thing would pan out, however rather than being a high octane fantasy heist  title, the book was rather a bit of a damp squib due to rather two dimensional stereotypical cast members with no real hooks to get the reader to care about their fates.

The writing was a little lack-lustre for me, the book could have been heavily edited to cut out a lot of fluff and of course that way would have allowed for solid pacing rather than a lot of running about with no real gain for the reader.

Back this up with basic dialogue and sadly all round, its a book that I can forget quite easily.  A great shame.

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