Friday, 26 July 2019

SPIRITUAL REVIEW: Pagan Portals: Sun Magic - Rachel Patterson

Release Date: 26/07/19
Publisher:  John Hunt Publishing

SYNOPSIS: Live in harmony with the solar year and utilise all the magical powers it provides. ? Sun Magic is a book filled with the basics of the sun cycle, the representations and correspondences, what magic to work and when. It also looks at the solar year, sun deities, sun spells, meditations, specific sun rituals, sun recipes and more. A companion volume to the bestselling Pagan Portals - Moon Magic.  

As a fascinated of titles that help you get in touch with the ancient ways through the ancestors, I found this title from Rachel, more than a little interesting. It contains exercises to allow you to get in touch with the sun aspects, tells you about the various pantheon sun aligned god/desse/s to whom if you're a theological witch to whom to appeal to alongside which animals are aligned to the sun if you're more druidic or shamanistically focused. 

Throw into the mix some kitchen witch recipes, ways to help charge your crystals and stones alongside various ways to cast your spells or organize yourself via the time of day and its a book you can't do without. Finally add to this, a friendly and at times humorous voice that allows you to dip in and enjoy the various chapters, all round make this a wonderful title to spend time with.